Complete Bids
On Time Completion of Work
Moisture Monitoring Along the Entire Production Line
Expert Acclimating Processes
Fine Antique Woods and Engineered Planks
Expertly Hand-Scraped Surfaces On or Off Site
Professional Sanders and Deust Containment Systems By Bona
Detailed Sanding Removes Scratches Others leave behind
Knowledge to Select Appropriate Adhesives
Custom Stains, Dyes, Oils, Bleach and Finishes
Flush Undercutting on Logs and Doorjambs
Custom Designed Border and Lattice Layouts
Laser Layouts Ensure Straight Rows and Square Rooms
Guaranteed Stair Inspections
Scratch Free Pre-Finished Installations
Environmental Sensitivity
Ownership has Twenty Five Years Combined Wood Floor Experience
Professionalism and Service You Can Count On...
Just Ask These Guys